Green design

We have a lot to improve in green design, simple changes can make the difference, here are a few steps that I apply to myself and more will come soon.
– Minimize wastes
– Recycling paper and materials on every project
– Reducing energy consumption
– Ask for local printers and green inks
– Founding sustainable solutions to apply (on events, set designs, shootings…).

A chance for every project

Sustainable design also means social design. My priority is to give a chance to every kind of project, brand, agency or association that has a positive idea.

– I donate 3% of my profits on every contract to an ONG that you can choose or that are on my list. (coming soon)
– I also dedicate a part of my time to a project that needs help and has a small budget.
Don’t hesitate to send me an email with your project !

Research and development

I am making some research to develop sustainable design through its different aspects : ecological, social and economic.
I will write on my progress and share it with you on my website and Linkedin.
If you are interesting in that research, feel free to join me and to make things happen together !